20 Haziran 2011 Pazartesi

Keanu spotted leaving their hotel in London

Betcha can’t guess who we just spotted leaving their hotel in London?

Posted 04/05/2011

[Images: Mr Paparazzi/Big Pictures Words: @CandiKays]

Hands down this is probably the hardest ‘guess who’ we have ever done and unless we give you some really good clues we doubt you’re going to get it.

Wait a minute; is the A-list celeb we just spotted jumping into a Range Rover in Central London clutching a script with his name printed in massive letters across the front? He is, isn’t he?

Oh, way to go and ruin our fun Keanu Reeves, talk about spoiling the game for everyone.


Keanu Reeves fotografiado cerca de un hotel con el guión de 'Akira' en sus manos. Londres, 03/05/2011.
Keanu Reeves photographed near a hotel with the script of 'Akira'in their hands. London, 03/05/2011.


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