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Hot Dude Of The Day: Keanu Reeves Is A Total Goth

Hot Dude Of The Day: Keanu Reeves Is A Total Goth

Posted 4/6/11 12:09 pm ET by Chrissy Mahlmeister

YOU GUYS. Keanu Reeves is SUCH A PRINCE OF DARKNESS. Why isn't the whole wide world discussing this? Look at him. Look. At. Him. Yesterday we realized that he has worn head-to-toe black 1.7 BAJILLION TIMES over the past seven months, and we maybe LOVE IT? I mean, sure, the internets know about all the Sad Keanus, but when did he exclusively start dressing so somber? Funereal for real. From his formal goth look (is that a velvet bow tie?! NICE.) to his more goth-on-the-go outfit (black suit/black tee combo), we're loving every single sullen ensemble from Mr. Reeves. There's something about his long black hair cascading over one eye that makes him look so lonely, so damaged, so mysterious, so.... hot. It's almost like regz Keanu was sort of in our league because he might smile and small talk all slow and stuff, but now that's he's turned goth, he's too busy not making eye contact and being thoughtful and deep to even look our way for a hot second.
But, hey, Keanu, in all seriousness, as much a we love your dark side and everything, Bill And Ted 3 is coming out soon, so you, like, miggghtt want to ease it up a tad. You've got fans out there awaiting this momentous day. We're just looking out for you, man. Be happy. Hang in there. You're hot. Peace.

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