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Keanu Reeves talks more Matrix sequels and other projects

Keanu Reeves talks more Matrix sequels and other projects

by Jack on January 24, 2011
Harry at AICN has received a report from someone who attended a keynote speech at the London School of Performing Arts – at which Keanu Reeves was guest of honour. Presuming truthfulness behind the report, Keanu Reeves talked about a potential Bill & Ted 3, more Matrix sequels, and other projects that he could potentially be involved with. Read more after the break.
Keanu supposedly mentioned four projects; I’ll summarise the important stuff here, but if you want to read “El-Nino”‘s full report, you can hit the Ain’t It Cool link above.
- Reeves said he’s 2 months into a 6 month training programme for a hard R-rated 3D samurai film (47 Ronin) which will feature “great martial art set pieces.”
- Apparently he is “committed” to a third entry in the Bill & Ted franchise, but only spoke about it as a possibility. If you ask me, they’ve gotta leave all these ’80s and early ’90s films alone; it’s just becoming too much. Same goes for Ghostbusters. Let it be.
- This is probably the biggest part of the whole thing: Reeves supposedly met with the Wachowskis to discuss a two-film script treatment which would revisit the universe of The Matrix. The new films are said to want to “revolutionise” the action genre again and Keanu also wants to deliver a movie “worthy” of The Matrix title. According to El-Nino, the Wachowskis also met with James Cameron to discuss producing the new films in 3D.
- Reeves apparently said that the Wachowskis sold their modern, futuristic take on the Robin Hood tale (titled Hood) to Warner Bros. for $5 million, and that it will have the same impact visually and technically that Terminator 2 did back in 1991. Will Smith is most likely for the lead role at the moment.
Take this (well, The Matrix bit) with a grain of salt at the moment, I guess.
The first Matrix film was absolutely fantastic; its two sequels weren’t able to keep up though, and it seems like a fourth and fifth film could just be dragging it out. The Robin Hood story has kinda been done to death, but I’m just hoping to see any sort of good sci-fi film from the Wachowskis, who have only directed 2008′s Speed Racer since The Matrix Revolutions in 2003. Their next film will be an adaptation of the novel Cloud Atlas.
Which of these projects are you guys enthusiastic about, if any?

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