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Keanu Reeves reveals modern day Robin Hood project and possible Matrix sequels

Keanu Reeves reveals modern day Robin Hood project and possible Matrix sequels

44 minutes ago 24 jan. 2011
Keanu Reeves was feeling particularly chatty at the London School of Performing Arts last weekend, apparently telling students of his plans for further Matrix sequels.
Delivering a keynote speech to publicise his upcoming comedy Henry's Crime at the university, Keanu opened the floor to a quick Q&A session, in which the actor was unusually candid regarding the forthcoming projects of his Matrix director, the Wachowski's.
Keanu first revealed (as he also did on the Graham Norton Show) that he is currently preparing for a 3D Samurai movie, of which he is in month two of a six month training programme. The actor also mentioned that he's committed to a possible threequel for the 'Bill and Ted' franchise that launched his career in his teens.
When asked about the Matrix franchise, Keanu said he had met with the directors, the Wachowski's, who had told him that they were working on a two-picture treatment to continue the story arc of Keanu's iconic Neo character.
Keanu apparently told the audience that the Wachowski's are apparently discussing the pro's and con's of 3D with Avatar director James Cameron and that he felt he had an 'obligation' to deliver a movie worthy of the franchise. In other words, something unlike The Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions, we'll bet.
The star also told writers in the audience to focus on new ideas, which would be 'worth their weight in gold'. To provide an example, he then told the audience that Warner Bros had just bought a script for a modern retelling of Robin Hood for $5m, the highest in the studio's history. The modern day 'Hood' is to be headlined by Will Smith. For futher details on Keanu's keynote you can read an eyewitness report on Ain't It Cool News .

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