5 Ocak 2011 Çarşamba

Just spotted: Keanu Reeves in London...

Just spotted: Keanu Reeves in London... Posted 05/01/2011 Filed under

Lets be honest, Keanu Reeves looked pretty god damn moody when we spotted him strolling through Covent Garden a short while ago, which is pretty ironic seeing as the 46-year-old recently hit out at people who criticise him for his lack of smiling both in and outside of films. Speaking to Elle magazine the Hollywood actor joked about the true meaning of the term ‘happiness’ saying:
“How do I live with any happiness? I’m not living if I don’t have a Golden Retriever! I see articles all over about what is the new happiness.”
Okay Keanu, we can see what you’re doing, you’re going off on a tangent to distract from the original point. Nice try, but we still think you’re a miserable old so and so.


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