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Henry’s Crime Poster

Henry’s Crime Poster
Posted by Allan Ford 7 January, 2011
The first poster for Henry’s Crime has been released. The independent film, which is being billed as a comedy, starring Keanu Reeves, Oscar nominees James Caan, Vera Farmiga (Up in the Air), Danny Hoch, Fisher Stevens, Peter Stormare, Danny Hoch, and Bill Duke.

Reeves plays a dude named Henry who gets sent to the big house for robbing a bank, a crime for which he is actually innocent. While in the clink, he meets an actual criminal (Caan) and comes up with an almost brilliant plan: since he’s already done the time for robbing the bank, he might as well actually rob it, because, really, who would expect that?

Things get complicated, though, when he gets run over by Farmiga and ends up falling in love while simultaneously taking acting lessons that require him to don a giant fake Lenin-style beard, and…
The film is directed by Malcolm Venville who previously directed 44 Inch Chest,

Henry’s Crime, which was premiered at 2010 Toronto International Film Festival last September, does not carry a release date.

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