15 Aralık 2010 Çarşamba

Ganbei Keanu Reeves!

Ganbei Keanu Reeves!

Ganbei Keanu Reeves!
Keanu Reeves was in Beijing recently and had dinner with a bunch of Chinese actors, an occasion that was lavishly detailed by Chinese director Lu Chuan (陆川) in his microblog.
On Friday, Lu Chuan declared he would be having a “wild, boozy time” with Reeves that night.
Hello, Beijing!
From 8 am to 9:30 pm, Lu talked about the dinner, videoing himself before he left for the party and even providing a shot of the dinner table.
At 8:30 pm, Reeves’ photo was posted on Lu’s microblog and immediately circulated on the Internet.
Reeves has grown a substantial beard, so many netizens were concerned that it would end up in his soup.
Other actors present included Chen Kun (陈坤), Zhou Xun (周迅) and Xu Jinglei (徐静蕾).
Reeves, despite his jet lag, beat all his contemporaries in the drinking games.
Lu judged his own drinking capacity as “outgunning most of the participants, but having very few bullets left.”
Source: Southern Metropolis Daily


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