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September 13 2010 Sad no more! Solitary Keanu Reeves finally smiles as he finds a friend to hang out with


Sad no more! Solitary Keanu Reeves finally smiles as he finds a friend to hang out with

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 8:40 PM on 13th September 2010

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Is that finally a smile on Keanu Reeves face?

The actor has appeared rather solitary of late with recurring images of him cutting a downcast, lonely figure.

But yesterday Keanu was pictured smiling and laughing with a friend as they enjoyed a coffee break together in Toronto.

Rare sight: Keanu Reeves finally had a smile on his face as he hung out with a friend in Toronto yesterday

Happy again: Keanu laughed and joked with his friend as they smoked cigarettes and drank coffee together in the sunshine

The Matrix star is in Canada to promote his new movie, Henry's Crime at the Toronto International Film Festival.

And although he was dressed down in his usual outfit of scruffy jeans and old trainers it was nice to see him enjoying himself for once.

Pictures of a sad, unshaven Keanu seem to be the norm nowadays, even sparking an internet incentive to cheer up the glum star.

It culminated in June 15 being nominated as official Cheer Up Keanu Day.

Turnaround: Maybe Cheer Up keanu Day is finally working its magic as a smile returns to the solitary actor's face

Hearthrob: Despite the facial stubble and scruffy clothing Keanu still has the looks to melt a thousand hearts

Just recently though a sad Keanu was pictured ringing in his 46th birthday on a loading dock in New York City with just a solitary cup cake as means of celebration.

Then a few days later the Hollywood hearthrob was pictured looking lonely, smoking a cigarette next to a no loitering sign.


Monday, September 13th 2010

Keanu Made A Friend!

The saddest and loneliest hobo on the Internet is no longer the saddest and loneliest hobo on the Internet. Well, not today anyways. Keanu Reeves and a friend made smiles at each other outside of a Starbucks in Toronto this afternoon. Now I know how my mom felt on my 103rd day of preschool when I told her that I finally had met another kid who didn't throw his banana slices at my face when I tried to talk to him (okay, I told her this a couple of weeks ago).

And while some of you might be happy to see that Keanu is actually smiling with his mouth, I'm more excited to see him sitting like a classy lady should!



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